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The Modern way to manage your marketing & creative teams

Stay in sync with your team, centralize all your work, See the bigger Picture, get a head start with our readymade marketing templates and learn how can work for your team.

Integrate with your tools like Survey Monkey, Mailchimp, Facebook ads, HubSpot's, etc., sales mangagement software

Why Marketing team love

With you can get started in minutes with their ready-made CRM and Sales Templates. Manage your entire sales pipeline in one place for greater clarity, visibility, and maximum efficiency. Store your contacts and tasks in one central place with automated reminders, valuable insights, and optimized workflows. Easily manage all incoming and existing contacts by customer type, priority, contact details, and more. marketing mangagement software

  • Views: Visualize your data the way you want. Use a timeline, calendar, and more so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Automations: Automate repetitive work so you and your team can focus on the work that requires your talent.
  • Dashboards: Turn insights into action. Use high-level dashboards and charts to make key decisions based on real time data.
  • Forms: Create customizable forms to manage all incoming requests and streamline your entire creative process.
  • Files:Stay up-to-date on the latest version of any file. Instantly share documents, images, annotations, and feedback to avoid rework.
  • Updates: Collaborate within the context of your work. Maintain ongoing communication between teams and departments anytime, anywhere.
  • Organization-wide Use: Meet the needs of all your teams and run processes, gain insights, and communicate all in one place.
  • Working Remotely:Collaborate, track statuses, give feedback, outline projects, and define ownership for your projects, processes, and workflows no matter where you are.

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