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Sap Support Consultant

Customer Preferred.Feasible Price



Get ticket pick up in 16 hours

Includes: 20 hours, 6 months validity

Ideal for: Getting started with a low level of urgency requests or break/fix type issues

Issue Resolution in 48 hours




Get ticket pick up in 8 hours

Includes: 40 hours, 6 months validity

Ideal for: Continuous support of quick fixes and smaller implementations

Issue Resolution in 32 hours




Get ticket pick up in 4 hours

Includes: 80 hours, 12 months validity

Ideal for: Proactive support of complex or large module deployment and training

Issue Resolution in 24 hours


We provide just the right kind of support that you need. Our client-friendly support team is not only agile and ever-supportive in quickly resolving the issues as and when they arise but also efficiently runs proactive maintenance to avert issues popping up..

Detailed Support Plan Features

Number of hours 20 40 80
Must use your hours within 6 months 6 months 12 months
Pricing £ 2499 £ 4599 £ 7999
Payment Upfront Upfront Upfront
Ticket Processing
SLA for Initial Ticket Pick-up (in hours) 16 8 4
SLA for Ticket Resolution (in hours) 48 32 24
Support Via Email, phone or support portal Email, phone or support portal Email, phone or support portal
Portal Access Yes Yes Yes
Issues & Tickets Scope
Design change considerations Yes Yes Yes
Manager support No No Yes
System Configuration changes Yes Yes Yes
Data Management Yes Yes Yes
Strategic Planning
Best Practices Review No No Yes
Quarterly Release Planning No No Yes
Yearly System Assessment No No Yes
Training & Guidance
Admin and End User Training Yes Yes Yes
Supported Modules +
People Profile Yes Yes Yes
SAP JAM Yes Yes Yes
Recruiting Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Yes Yes Yes
Employee Central No No Yes
Learning Yes Yes Yes
Performance and Goals Yes Yes Yes
Compensation Yes Yes Yes
Succession and Development Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Workforce Planning No No Yes
Workforce Analytics No No Yes


  • Fast issue resolutions and response times
  • High-quality support & solution through consultant knowledge
  • User-Friendly Cloud-based ticketing tool for a streamlined process

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