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Salesforce Support





30 Hours Support

Email Support/Portal

24 Hours Response Time

Developer Support





50 Hours Support

Email/Phone Support/Portal

16 Hours Response Time

Manager Support





100 Hours Support

Email/Phone Support/Portal

12 Hours Response Time

Manager Support


SquareHT, as a renowned Salesforce managed services provider will keep your Salesforce application stable and robust in order to derive maximum ROI for you at the same time keeping the software support cost at the minimal. Key highlights of our services include:

  • Ongoing management Support – by performing user administration, data administration etc..
  • Periodical measures – to pre-empt issues and check the health of the application
  • Issue Resolution – Provide portal access to post issues and resolve the same at the earliest. Provide the history of the issues resolved periodically
  • Security checks – to spot threats to your application crucial data
  • User Support – to handle their day-to-day issues, login issues, User Training if any etc.
  • New Reports & Analytics – Within the defined limitations of Salesforce to suit the business requirements

Support Features

Rate in £ 1500 2300 4200
Minimum Monthly hours 30 Hours 50 Hours 100 Hours
Support Activities Yes Yes Yes
User Management Yes Yes Yes
User Creation, Deactivation, Upgrade / Downgrade access level, Login issue troubleshooting Yes Yes Yes
Security Management Yes Yes Yes
Organization-Wide Default, Profiles, Roles, Field Level Security, Sharing rules, Public groups Yes Yes Yes
Object Level Configuration Yes Yes Yes
Object, Tab, Views, Fields, Page Layouts, Record Types, Custom Links, Buttons Yes Yes Yes
Salesforce Built-In Automation Yes Yes Yes
Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Formula Fields, Approval, Email Templates Yes Yes Yes
Data Management Yes Yes Yes
Sandbox Refresh, Data Migration & Updation, Translation Workbench Yes Yes Yes
Reports/Dashboard, Creating, Modifying, as per business requirements Yes Yes Yes
Other Configuration Items Yes Yes Yes
Troubleshooting in Apex, VF Pages, Triggers Yes Yes Yes
Community Portals, Sites Support Chargeable Yes Yes
Outlook Connect, Gsuite Connect, Excel Connect Chargeable Yes Yes
API & Webservices Support Chargeable Chargeable Yes
Single Sign On Chargeable Chargeable Yes
Implementation of Minor Enhancements Chargeable Chargeable Yes


  • Fast issue resolutions and response times
  • High-quality support & solution through consultant knowledge
  • User-Friendly Cloud-based ticketing tool for a streamlined process

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