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Five remote sales trends observed in Zoho CRM

In 2020, workplaces across the world witnessed a transformation. Newer platforms, strategies, and processes were introduced. Salespeople also started adapting to the new ways of doing business, using the Zoho CRM solution to their advantage

Here are five remote sales trends that the changes brought in:

1. Check-ins and Nearby Maps Usage Reduced

Salespeople no longer travelled to meet clients. As a result, there was a significant decline in the number of check-ins and the usage of nearby maps. These features are critical for when sales reps are on-field, and a decline in their numbers shows the impact of the lockdown on this category of sales.

2. A Rise in Activities and Notes

The productivity of salespeople has increased when working from home. Evidence of this can be seen in the number of activities added. Executives have a lot of free time and are utilizing the same to complete activities that were earlier put on the back burner.

The number of notes created also increased by more than 29% within the first three months. This growth shows that deals are moving and customer relationships are also being built. However, the most crucial observation is that salespeople now have time for data entry with Zoho analytics integrations.

3. More Calls, Lesser Emails

There are many collaboration tools out there. Consequently, communication was never expected to be a challenge in the work-from-home approach. However, a shift was noticed with more dependency on calls instead of emails.

4. The Number of Approval Requests Reduced

Even though the number of activities and calls increased, the number of approval requests went down. This decline can be attributed to lesser items in the sales funnel, and a better connection between the sales teams and managers. Communication is happening in real-time, making the need for formal approvals redundant.

5. Increase in Updates Made, Decline in Records Added

On the evaluation of Zoho books for small business, the trend observed is a decline in the number of new records added. However, updates continued to be made, indicating that companies focused on customer retention.

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