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For smarter sales and happier customers — Introducing Pipedrive for Zoho Desk

When your customer support team has a dialogue with the customer, it isn’t for the first time that the customer is interacting with your brand. The customer has interacted with the sales representatives several times at the time of onboarding and purchasing. In each of these interactions, additional information about the customer is acquired, helping you understand them better.

The journey from sales to customer service is essential. It helps to enable contextual customer service. Pipedrive for Zoho Desk is an effort in that direction. Zoho consulting services can help you make the most of Pipedrive and enjoy the following benefits.

More Context Enables Better Support

A customer ticket in your list of contacts allows you to view the deals of the customer. You can look at the deal details and instantly take action on it using the Pipedrive widget in the ticket.

On the ticket screen, you can easily access deals, contacts, and activities. With this information, your agents have better context and are equipped to immediately tackle all questions that come their way.

Quicker Followup and Loop Closing

A conversation related to sales support requires initiation, coordination, and follow-up tasks. Each of these needs time. Zoho Desk allows your salespeople to view the tasks created for any customer. In the event that a customer requires support for feature onboarding, the agent can understand the requirement and help the sales executive follow up on it from the ticket itself. This saves a lot of time that is otherwise wasted in communicating about what is required and what is completed.

Develop More Chances for Selling

Sometimes, agents know that your products or services offer the right solutions to the problems of the customers. The support team helps the sales team by adding deals on the ticket screen with Pipedrive Zoho Desk CRM integration. After the creation of the ticket, the agent can add tasks for the sales team. By accessing the tasks in Pipedrive, the sales team can make efforts to close the deal.

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