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Work smarter with these productivity tools in Zoho CRM

Imagine you have a bowl of your favorite ice cream. You are enjoying every spoon of it when you see additional toppings like cookies, chocolate chips, nuts, cherries, hot fudge sauce, and caramel. You can add any of the toppings to enhance the taste of your ice cream - which one will you choose?

Just like toppings can make your ice cream sweeter and tastier, smart features can make a CRM even more powerful. These tools enhance the functionality of your CRM, ensuring that your life becomes a lot simpler.

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the intelligent features to make your job more productive, simpler, and time-saving.

Use Macros

All salespeople perform some mundane tasks at the record level. Being able to do them in a single click will help to save time. Macros were introduced to do just the same.

Macros allow you to create rules and run them as per your choice. You can update a field, send an email, or create a task.

For instance, when you close a deal and receive payment, there are a few things you have to do for every deal and every customer. These include sending an email to the customer, converting the field from potential to contact, and creating a task for the logistics department to dispatch the product

Using macros for these regular activities eases your work processes.

Bulk editing

When you try to edit and make changes to bulk data, it requires time. Conventional methods like third party functions or importing can lead to inefficiency and errors.

Zoho CRM provides a Sheet View option. Using this, you can generate and view records in Zoho Sheet. A Zoho CRM implementation partner can help you understand the use of the same. You can learn how to make changes and update records in your CRM.

The functionality also enables you to add new records easily.


These features may seem small, but they are extremely functional and can increase productivity from the start to the end.

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