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Workflows in CRM System

Workflows in CRM allow you to automate simple and complex business processes within CRM. Workflow processes run in the background or in real-time and can optionally require a user input. Workflows can be triggered based on specific conditions or can even be started manually by the users.

In most CRM systems, the term workflow designates a sequence or progression of steps that are necessary in order to complete a sale or another business process. Advanced CRM software, like Zoho CRM, can partially or fully automate workflows in CRM.

What a workflow might look like in CRM. When an incoming lead comes into CRM, the data has to be checked for accuracy first. Then a sales agent has to contact a prospect, finding out his or her needs and qualifying or junking the lead. If the lead is 'Pre qualified', an office visit or remote demonstration is scheduled.

Establishing and building relationships with your customers is vital to the growth of your business. So by mapping the experience of your prospects and customers, you can make improvements and earn their business time and time again. And using a CRM software makes this process easier.

Sales Process Automation

In a busy sales office, it doesn’t make sense for your sales managers to meet with every salesperson, every day. Workflow automation simplifies that task, and makes sure that nothing is overlooked.

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