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How Zoho People Simplifies the Work of An Organization?

Small businesses track their employees using spreadsheets and other tools. However, as firms grow, managing employees manually becomes cumbersome. The role of HR is crucial in a company since they balance the workforce. They take care of everything from recruiting, onboarding to managing performance, leave, payroll, and exit processes. As a result, there is a lot of work pressure and stress. Zoho People integration can help ease things out.

Zoho People is a platform for human resources management. The cloud-based software offers complete end-to-end HR solutions. Its user-friendly interface allows you to track HR activities. Moreover, the software is designed in a way that it can be customized as per the requirements of the business.

A Zoho implementation partner can help you start using the software and simplify the HR teams work by automating the following processes:

1. Onboarding

With Zoho People, you can effortlessly introduce newbies to their designated teams. Additionally, you can create workflows for the assignment of tasks to new joiners so that they are in a position to start work at the earliest. The software makes the onboarding process stress-free and smooth.

2. Employee Management

Zoho People stores the complete profile of the employees. Consequently, it is easy to track the organization’s employees. The stored information maintains the confidentiality of the company database and the records of the employee.

3. Benefits Administration

It is vital to manage the different benefits offered to employees. These include Life Insurance, Health Care, Travel Compensation, and more. Using the software, managers can notify employees of the Paid Time Off and other such essential information.

4. Documents Management

Zoho People reduces paperwork as it automates the document uploading procedure. There is no need for the HR team to file and store hard copies of documents like payslips, mark sheets, experience letters, etc. The document module is used for this purpose.

5. Performance Management

Assessment of employee performance is crucial to identify hard-working employees who deserve leadership roles and appraisals. Through Zoho People, the process for HR reviews and feedback is automated.

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